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РЕКОРДИ убури мухочирон ба Бритониё нокомии сиёсатро фош мекунад

- A staggering 748 illegal migrants sailed into Britain in a single day, setting a new record. This year’s total has now soared to 6,265, dwarfing figures from previous years.

The British government’s strategy to deter these crossings through investments in French coastal patrols is now under fire. Critics suggest that the dip in numbers last year owed more to unfavorable weather than any real policy success.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his team are facing intense criticism as recent data contradicts their claims of effective immigration control. It appears reliance on meteorological luck rather than solid policy measures has been laid bare.

Nigel Farage is drawing attention to the crisis, emphasizing that the media has long underestimated the gravity of this issue.

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Хабарҳои охирини сензура ва ақидаҳои консервативӣ дар сиёсати ИМА, Британияи Кабир ва ҷаҳонӣ.

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Хабарҳои воқеӣ ва бесензураи тиҷорат аз саросари ҷаҳон.

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Хабарҳои алтернативии молиявӣ бо далелҳои сензурна ва андешаҳои беғаразона.

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Таҳлили амиқи ҳуқуқии мурофиаҳои охирин ва ҳикояҳои ҷиноятӣ аз саросари ҷаҳон.

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